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Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

The Ultimate PID Checker

The Ultimate PID Checker
DOWNLOAD The Ultimate PID Checker

The Universal PID Checker allows you to calculate the Product ID of given product key. Key validity will be checked also. The unique feature is reading keys from file and saving log. Performance of PID generation is checked too – time spent on generating will be printed under the result.

– Nice & modern interface
– Supports multiple products
– Supports custom pkeyconfigs
– One-file app
– Easy to use
– Reading keys from file
– Logging option
– Checking system key

I. Program Description

•Generating PID from typed key/input
– for Windows Vista/Server 2008
– for Windows 7/Server 20008 R2
– for Office 2010
– for all builds >= 6.0.5365.8
•Generating PID from file
•Saving output to log
•Viewing system key

II. Usage

from clipboard/manual input:
1.Enter a 25-digit key (dashes will be added automatically), (if you have it in clipboard, it will be pasted automatically) .
2.The Windows Flag button pastes your current system key into box.
3.If you want to check keys for unsupported beta builds, just select “Custom” and choose pkeyconfig file.
4.Click the “Go!” button to start generating PID.

from file:
1.Click “Browse” button and choose file with keys. Note that it must be text file containing keys only, one key per one line. Now, file CAN contain spaces.
2.Select a profile (If you want to check keys for unsupported beta builds, just select “Custom” and choose pkeyconfig file).
3.You can choose the Log option to log output to file (recommended).
4.Click “Go!” button to start generating.
5.You will get a message when it will be done. Overall time will be shown too.

Note: You can use pkeyconfigs from build 5365.8 of Vista and newer.

WARNING! Program can generate up to 256 PIDs from file in a row but generating more than 10 may cause a system unstability.
Application author is not responsible for software and hardware damages.
You are using it on own risk!

III. System Requirements
•OS: Windows XP/Vista/Server 2008/7/Server 2008 R2/8
•RAM: 25MB free memory
•CPU: AMD Phenom X2 or Intel Core 2 Duo (~2GHz) for good performance
•HDD: Application uses about 10MB on disk






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