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Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Setting Mozzila Firefox Untuk Mendapat Hasil Yang Maksimal

Browser Mozilla merupkan web browser yang paling cepat dari segi search engine. Banyak fitur yang dimiliki oleh browser yang satu ini. Secara default browser ini sudah sangat kenceng. Agar memiliki kecepatan yang lebih lagi Mozilla ini dapat kita ubah dari segi configurasinya. Untuk masuk dalam konfigurasi Mozilla kita dapat mengetikan dalam address bar yaitu dengan kata
"about:config". Tanda petik tidak berlaku, itu cuma biar lebih gampang. Setelah masuk dalam konfigurasi Mozilla apa yang selanjutnya kita lakukan ? mungkin bagi para pemula pengguna Mozila sangat bingung. Ini ada beberapa trik agar Mozilla anda bekerja lebih cepat. Langkah awal yaitu :
* Description: time to wait before an initial reflow attempt during page rendering
* Type: integer
* Unit: milliseconds
* Default: 250
* Recommendation: keep in synch with content.notify.interval

* Description: enable timer-based reflows during page rendering (?)
* Type: boolean
* Default: true
* Recommendation: leave on default

* Description: time steps for the initial reflows defined by content.notify.backoffcount
* Type: integer
* Unit: milliseconds * 1000 (?)
* Default: 120000

* Description:
* Type: integer
* Unit: milliseconds * 1000
* Default: 750000
* Additional Info: nsHTMLContentSink.cpp
* Recommendation: keep in synch with nglayout.initialpaint.delay and content.notify.interval

* Description: (?)
* Type: integer
* Unit: kilobytes (?)
* Default: 8191
* Additional Info: nsHTMLContentSink.cpp, Bug 77540
* Recommendation: leave on default.

* Description: enable interruption of parsing to return to the application's event loop from time to time (?)
* Type: boolean
* Default: true
* Recommendation: leave on default.

* Description: time after which parsing is interrupted to return to the application's event loop (?)
* Type: integer
* Unit: milliseconds * 1000 (?)
* Default: 3 * content.notify.interval
* Example: 2250000
* Additional Info: nsHTMLContentSink.cpp, Bug 76722
* Recommendation: leave on default. Lowering this might make Firefox more responsive during loading of large pages, but might also raise total page load times. If you change this, make it a multiple of content.notify.interval.

* Description: maximum number of persistent (keep-alive) connections per server.
* Type: integer
* Default: 2 (as per recommendation in HTTP/1.1 specification)
* Recommendation: none

* Description: maximum number of persistent (keep-alive) proxy connections.
* Type: integer
* Default: 4 (as per recommendation in HTTP/1.1 specification)
* Recommendation: none

* Description: maximum number of HTTP connections of any type to a single server.
* Type: integer
* Default: 8
* Recommendation: none

* Description: enable pipelining for non-proxy connections.
* Type: boolean
* Default: false
* Additional Info: might still lead to problems with servers that don't support pipelining correctly and that are not on the internal blacklist.
* Recommendation: true

* Description: enable pipelining over a proxy.
* Type: boolean
* Default: false
* Additional Info: see network.http.pipelining.
* Recommendation: true

* Description: maximum number of consecutive requests in one pipeline.
* Type: integer
* Limit: 8
* Default: 4
* Additional Info: nsHTTP.h. Optimal value depends on connection bandwidth/latency.
* Recommendation: 8. While it doesn't hurt to set it to 100 like in other tweak examples, it will have no effect whatsoever because of the mentioned limit.

* Description: enable pipelining on first request to a server.
* Type: boolean
* Default: false
* Additional Info: since it doesn't seem to get picked up anywhere in the source, this preference doesn't seem to be used. First requests are obviously never pipelined.
* Recommendation: do not use this preference. While it probably doesn't hurt, it will have no effect either.

* Description: amount of memory assigned to memory cache.
* Type: integer
* Unit: kilobytes
* Default: 4096 in older builds, dynamically assigned depending on total amount of memory in newer builds (?).
* Recommendation: set this to a high fixed value if you have enough RAM to noticeably improve back/forward button performance while going many steps back/forward (?)

* Description: amount of disk space assigned to disk cache.
* Type: integer
* Unit: kilobytes
* Default: 50000
* Recommendation: none

* Description: switch to enable caching of objects served over a secure connection (SSL).
* Type: boolean
* Default: false
* Recommendation: true on systems where it is secure to cache these objects.

* Description: path to parent directory of Firefox' disk cache.
* Type: string
* Default: profile folder
* Additional Info: use double backslashes as path separators in Windows. Not existing directories will be created if they don't exist.
* Example: E:\\Folder1\\Folder2
* Recommendation: none

* Description: use an error page instead of a modal dialog when a connection error occurs.
* Type: boolean
* Default: false
* Additional Info: Bug 28586. This is not enabled by default because the implementation lacks some functionality.
* Recommendation: true (in combination with Show Failed URL)

Jika semua sudah dimasukkan, mungkin anda perlu mencoba yang satu ini

tipe: boolean = true

Selain itu Mozilla juga memiliki ekstensi yang dapat ditambahkan dengan :
copi fasterfox.xpi ke dalam ekstensi mozilla yaitu dalam folder ekstensi program mozilla di instal. Selain itu anda juga dapat menambahkan add muncher yang membantu dalam loading we pagenya. Semoga trik ini dapat membantu anda semua.




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