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Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

Hidden Administrator v.3.0 - Silent

Hidden Administrator v.3.0 - Silent - software gratis, serial number, crack, key, terlengkap
DOWNLOAD Hidden Administrator v.3.0 - Silent

Hidden Administrator - a program designed to manage remote computers. Covert surveillance and control a remote computer, shutdown and restart a remote computer, file sharing, sending messages to a remote computer, receiving information about the system, getting information from full-screen DOS windows, hiding / showing the taskbar, desktop icons and the mouse, working with the registry , the completion of any process on a remote computer, the automatic termination applications and processes, automatic searching for running servers, filtering IP-addresses, save screenshots of the remote screen and much more.

Key features Hidden Administrator:
• gain full access to the resources of the remote computer;
• covert surveillance of remote computers;
• Management of remote computers;
• simultaneous monitoring of multiple computers (up to 256 computers simultaneously);
• Monitor running programs and sites visited;
• obtaining information from full-screen DOS window;
• Sharing files with remote computer;
• Transfer sound over network in real time;
• Remote installation of server-side program;
• sending messages to a remote computer;
• messaging with remote computer (chat);
• shutdown and rebooting the remote computer;
• Obtaining information about the system;
• Work with the registry of a remote computer, and much more ...

What's new Hidden Administrator 3.0:
• greatly increased speed of reading and Remote Desktop;
• optimized use of firewall traffic when working with remote desktop;
• Fixed a few non-critical errors, improved stability.

Homepage - http://www.hidadmin.com/

Hidden Administrator v.3.0 - Silent - software gratis, serial number, crack, key, terlengkap




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