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Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Acoustica Premium Edition v5.0.0.31 Portable

Acoustica Premium Edition v5.0.0.31 Portable - software gratis, serial number, crack, key, terlengkap

DOWNLOAD Acoustica Premium Edition v5.0.0.31 Portable

Acoustica is a universal audio editing that offers resources, tools and high-quality effects. The editing mechanism has levels of undo / redo unlimited edition ultra fast non-destructive and rates of 24-bit or 32-bit up to 192KHz. You can import tracks from audio CDs and edit material without leaving the program.

Acoustica has a versatile tool to ensure the quality of recordings on LPs and cassette tapes of old. Remove stationary noise tapes or let it filter out the harmonics of very high frequencies in the recordings. You can change the tone in any way possible with a 6-band parametric equalizer or choose reverb effects ranging from luxurious to "leaps" in Progress (pulse) of high quality.

If all this still is not enough, support for DirectX plug-ins can extend the program to audio processing tools from other software.

# Studio Clean
audio restoration tools, including noise reduction, click and crackle reduction, restoration of clipped audio recordings and high frequency harmonic synthesis (gives new life to dull sound recordings).
# Studio Time
Professional quality time stretching and pitch shifting (transposition of key).
# Studio Necessities
Mastering and sound design tools, including equalizer, dynamic processing, limiter, reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser and multi-tap delay.

Home Page - http://www.acondigital.com/

Acoustica Premium Edition v5.0.0.31 Portable - software gratis, serial number, crack, key, terlengkap
http://www.filesonic.com/file/55069392/Acoustica Premium Edition v5.0.0.31 + Plugins Portable.www.softdown32.com.rar




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